Stickerbomb Skate

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Stickerbomb Skate – 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers

Publishers: Laurence King


Stickerbomb Skate:
After doing monster stickers, sticker bomb letters and mini edition skate stickers, Laurence King have finally gotten around to a full blown classic skate stickers book.

We always love these sticky books and have been known to slap em all over the city. We are dead please to get our grubby mitts on some iconic skateboard designs and names and are humbled by the choice of featured company’s like Girl and Toy Machine. With each new chapter, the book gives a brief glimpse into the individual company’s history before launching into numerous pages of stickers – some classics and some brand new designs which are all printed on good quality parchment.

With Jim Philip’s legendary drawings, to the innovative, graphic-led creations from Girl and Alien Workshop, Stickerbomb Skate illustrates the central role that stickers have played in skate culture.

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