Off the Shelf… Skulls Bomb Stickers

Skull Bomb Stickers

Publisher: Laurence King

DSC_0024 Long awaited skull sticker book classic…

The kind people from Laurence King got in contact with another cool sticker book. Some real wild and wonderful examples of deceased heads and bodies from a rotting bird to skull with head setts. A few years ago you would just find skulls in tattoo shops and on sailors, just recently however, skulls are starting to turn up on more than skin.

Skateboards, surf boards, trucks, cars you names it. Yesterday we saw one on a tooth cap, a nipple ring and even a £20.000 gold ring… Sweeeet!


Laurence King says about the book:

“Stickers are essential part of the street movement. Inexpensive and easy to produce, they act as a kind of informal business card for some graffiti writers and a quick and effective tool for many artists and illustrators . As more and more stickers are placed around major cities in the world, interest in the subject shows to sign of slowing.”

We slapped a few on our sketch book (below) to flash it up a bit… Not Bad!

Time to get out on the street and start some slapping.


More… HERE DSC_0020 DSC_0016DSC_0018DSC_0017 DSC_0014

Few and Far…


Hello Friends,

This is Meme from Few & Far, We have teamed up with local artist’s in Tijuana Mexico for a three day festival called “vivamos la calle”.

The event starts on Sept.26th we will be painting and skateboarding with local children.
- Which includes a painting workshop, skate contest and skateboard demos.

On Sept. 27th and 28th  other part of the Festival starts which is called “Entijuanarte Revoluciona” the same festival of Entijuanarte will be hosting artist from Tijuana and California will be painting on Revolucion Avenue, the whole street gets closed for this event.

On the Sept.28th a few Few&Far members have been asked to speak publicly about F&F and their art.

More from FewandFar… HERE10608665_758326404224821_2030199619592287812_oseis


Hang Outs… West Hollywood, CA



If you haven’t seen or heard anything from Neckface in the last year or so it’s because he’s been busy. Buried in the trenches and immersed in the field, the artist has been working devilishly hard on his upcoming solo show, Drinking On The Job, opening Friday August 22rd at New Image Gallery in Los Angeles. Featuring work that is born out of darkness tender only to barflies, the project is inspired by and fully consumed with the world of alcoholic hedonism through the eyes and mouth of Neckface himself.

Part artistic practice and part anthropological query, you could say that Neckface ‘went native’ in order to create this series. Working days and nights, the artist adhered to a strict creative process shrouded in the lighthearted but gloomy atmosphere akin to bars and pubs. Each piece is imagined and drafted in an impaired state, in the field, sometimes with little to no recollection of his sullied genius until the scrawled upon napkin is found the morning after. From there, the piece is refined into an exquisite form that falls somewhere between the work of Robert Crumb and a PlayBoy cartoon with the sensibility of an adult (alcoholic) version of Bart Simpson.

Vulgar in both theme and tone, this work does in fact ask ontological questions regarding bar culture. The premise of such an inquisition may seem mundane at first glance, but the comically grim one-liners of each drawing are entirely at home in the presentation. What is of paramount importance here, is that we remind ourselves how a debase arena of public life has produced a wealth of material for Neckface to draw upon; he is like a beacon in the crude barroom world. With little regard for ideals rooted in anything remotely P.C. this work asks you to suspend any serious sentiments and see the artistic validity and humor that lies somewhere near the bottom of a bottle.
7920 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
323 654 2192