After a few months of not receiving a review copy of this fab local mag we have realised how much we really missed it. Finally Issue 25 of VNA slid through our letterbox and sat on the doormat demanding our attention. ‘God we have missed you’ was our first thoughts as the crew mingled around to periosteum the … issue… Over the shoulder of the lucky person who was thumbing through it first.

It is nice to see Swoon on the front cover, not only is she good looking lass but also a very talented, with her memorable and detailed paste-ups, as well as being renowned for her out spoke views on ‘street art’ and featured in numerous documentaries on the subject.

The magazine itself has a slightly different feel to it, as well as a lot more pics and write ups, which can’t be bad right… Defo not and after intently scrutinise every last millimetre, we have come to conclusion that this issue… Can’t be missed!

So what we got inside:

With 11 artists on the contents page and 3 cities to visit, it is proving to be a busy little mag. We scanned the contents list and recognised Kevin Lyons the design force behind some classic and sick Girl Skateboards designs.
Nick Sheeny with his muted shades and woodland creepers. We also picked up on an ace graff artist Dan Kitchener, who bombs on sides of ships and plans to project images onto the White Cliffs of Dover – big plans, let’s hope he leaves more to be desired. And the extraordinary Japanese Female graffiti artistShiro, who’s easily recognisable busty girl characters bounce off the page ( another image at the end of her write-up would have finished off the view nicely by the way.)

To end, Visits to the cities of London, Hong Kong and Lodz round off this Issue 25 Very, Nearly and Almost :)

Like we said Almost but not done yet -one last thing to do, let’s look inside…

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Melting Pot:
Food & Culture Festival

Saturday 19 April  - 12pm- 4pm

& Sunday 20 April – 12pm- 5pm

World Food Stalls | Artist’s Interventions | Dance Performances | Live Music | Family Activities

Entry & activities- FREE!

Whether you enjoy food, music, dance, or have a passion for the local community, Melting Pot Festival invites visitors to experience the world at New Art Exchange, Hyson Green, Nottingham, UK.

The event has been made possible through the generous support of the College of Arts, University of Lincoln.

Check out more… HERE


Street Shots…MORNIN ALL

Finally the Iron Lung Lives

 iAm Iron Lung

RadDad and Vez hit a local spot today, and at long last RD did an Iron Lung spray hit!
Due to the shite cold weather RD’d been reluctant to graff with the gloves on. All was good today, the sun was out and so where the cans.

Above and below out of the sketch book onto the wall. Iron Lung lives, couldn’t do ahead-on shots due to being in a narrow staircase. Vez with the nice green/blue peacock.

 iAm Iron Lung

Vez Art


 Saggy paint… Great textures.

 Little Red Bird

Oh… ghostly apparition!



LA Mural / MOCA
I recently got back from LA, where I installed my Toy Machine at MOCA, and did a big mural for Vista Del Mar.
The machine was unveiled at the opening of MOCA’s new Mike Kelley retrospective at the Geffen Contemporary. I made a whole bunch of new resin heads, including more hand-painted ones and pieces with colored swirl resin. If you’re in LA, go check it out.
The mural for Vista Del Mar: The school asked the students to draw faces and I chose some of them to use in the mural. We also had a bunch of students help fill in colors. The school has been around for over 100 years and this is their first mural, so big thanks to the school for being open to something new and being very accommodating. Thanks to my man Rob for helping me with it. And a real BIG thanks to Branded Art for setting it up and handling all the details to make it happen. Paint provided by Montana Cans and Branded Art.
As usual, I did the whole thing freehand, with spray paint. Go check it out if you’re in LA; it’s at 3200 Motor Ave.